Sprint Cup Guys Running in Developmental Series

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Sprint Cup Guys Running in Developmental Series

Post  Katy on Mon Feb 01, 2010 2:13 am

So, Joey Logano won the Toyota All-Star Showdown and Kyle Busch won a race today (forgive me, I'm being a bad Kyle fan - I don't know what race it was)

What do you think or drivers that usually run in the cup series driving in lower ranking series?

For me It's kinda iffy. There is nothing I like seeing more than a driver come from the back (Carl and Kyle did is a zillion times - technical term - last season in the Nationwide Series) to win. It makes the other guys try harder to win. For a guy to say "hey, i went out and raced against some of the best in the business and beat them" is a great feeling.

On the other hand they kind of overshadow the up and comers. Of course the big names are the ones bringing in the money for a lot of these events.

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Re: Sprint Cup Guys Running in Developmental Series

Post  RedChevy14 on Mon Feb 01, 2010 2:45 am

Running full time, I'm not sure about, but just doing some here and there I think is awesome, like when Smoke jumps in his winged sprint or dirt late model and goes and grabs him a checkered flag (if he don't flip...).


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