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Post  Katy on Sat Jan 30, 2010 5:51 pm

Just like every forum in the world we have a few rules. It's simple. Break the rules and get banned. We aren't here to promote drama or cattiness. We are here to have fun. If don't think you can follow the rules you might as well leave now.

1. Please don't bash each other personally. It's okay to disagree with someone's point of view but don't attack them personally. Not everyone is going to agree with a writer or a fan's point of view. That's part of life and part of being a NASCAR fan. That doesn't mean you have to attack their writing skills or make threatening comments. (above anything else this will get you banned in a heartbeat) - Spirited discussion is great but don't go too far with it. You get one warning on this...that's it.

2. Keep the harsh language to a minimum. I'm not going to completely ban it from the site but don't expect to get away with dropping the F word in every other sentence. Have some respect for yourself and your fellow fans.

3. Have fun! Feel free to talk about NASCAR, your favorite drivers, or random stuff. Just make sure you put it in the right category.

Don't like it? Sorry about your luck...them's the rules.

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